• cat tracker with live tracking

    Live Tracking

    It updates location every 5-10 seconds (outdoors) when you turn on "live tracking".

  • cat tracker with geofence

    GEO-Fence Alarm

    You will receive a notification on your smartphone once your cat leaves your virtual fence area.

  • cat tracker history

    View History

    View 24 hours of location history in the app anytime, so you always have data at your fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does MeowTrack work?

The MeowTrack 4G cat tracker determines its location using four locating services: GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Cellular. It then communicates this location back to you through LTE cellular networks. That’s why it needs a SIM card that automatically connects to local cell networks. Unlike AirTag or other tracking devices that just use Bluetooth, the MeowTrack 4G cat tracker can locate your pet worldwide, as long as there's sufficient cellular coverage.

Do I need a subscription?

No, you do not need a subscription. You have the option to choose any Nano SIM card that best suits your needs for internet and data transmission.

What's the difference between MeowTrack and Airtag?

AirTags need to be close to other Apple devices to track objects. If your pet is not within range of an Apple device, an AirTag won’t be able to find them. MeowTrack uses GPS, Wi-Fi, and Cellular technology to provide accurate live location data with worldwide coverage.

What the difference between MeowTrack and Tractive?

MeowTrack uses four location technologies—GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Cellular—offering more precise tracking compared to Tractive, which relies on GPS and Cellular alone. MeowTrack's design is notably more lightweight, weighing just 19 grams, whereas Tractive's CAT Mini tracker is slightly heavier at 25 grams. A key advantage of MeowTrack is its subscription model; it allows for the use of any preferred SIM card without requiring a monthly fee. In contrast, Tractive includes a built-in SIM card, requiring a monthly subscription to access its tracking services.